Flemish tapestries

The educational gallery of Flemish textiles includes examples of 16th-17th centuery Flemish tapestries.

Flemish tapestry late 16th century possibly Oudenaarde.
A Flemish 17th century historical tapestry possibly Van Maelsack Atelier Bruxelles depicting the impressive figure of Alexander the Great astride his horse Bucephalus.
A Flemish 17th century tapestry depicting the Roman mythology scenery “The meeting of Diana, Goddess of the Hunt and Roman forest god Virbius”.
Flemish Tapestry 12′ x 6’10” first half 17th century.
A Brussels 16th century tapestry. “ISAAC BLESSING JACOB”. Executed in wool and silk. H. 271 cm. W. 308 cm.

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