More Shahsavan bags

19th century Shahsavan bag
19th century Shahsavan bag. (Exhibitor Ron Hort at ARTS 2009)
Early Shashavan bagface
Early Shashavan bagface. One of a pair. (Exhibitor Owen Parry at ARTS 2009)
Shahsavan Pile Bagface
Shahsavan Pile Bagface. (Exhibitor Mark Berkovitch at ARTS 2009.)
Shasavan pile bagface
Shasavan pile bagface, 19th c. (Exhibitor Bertram Frauenknecht at ARTS 2009)
Shahsevan chanteh
Shahsevan chanteh, 34 X 76 cm. Soumak (extra weft wrapping) technique. A set of personal bags that fit over a belt and function as pockets. (Exhibitor Michael Craycraft at ARTS 2009)