Shasavan rugs and bags

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The Shahsavan (Shasavan, Shahsevan) are a nomadic pastoralist tribe located in northwest Iran and in the southern part of Azerbaijan. They migrate between their winter quarters in the Mughan steppe and their summer quarters around Mount Sabalan in the Ardebil province. Now many Shahsavan are settled.

Shasavan sumak. Exhibitor Ali Aydin
Shasavan Soumak. Exhibitor John Collins
Lot 553, A SHASAVAN LONG RUG, NORTHWEST PERSIA, CIRCA 1880. Estimate 6.000 – 8.000
This Shasavan bag will be on display at ARTS 2011 by Andy Lloyd.
Shasevan sumac. Exhibitor John Collins
Another antique Shasevan soumak horse cover
Antique Caucasian Shasevan soumak horse cover. Estimate 2,011 EUR
Shasevan exhibited by Carlo Kocman.
Shasevan Piled Bag 1880. Exhibitor Hagop Manoyan

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