Ziegler carpets

Ziegler and Co. was a German firm based in Manchester (England) who was actively involved in carpet trade. Ziegler set up looms in Sultanabad and exported a large number of rugs from Iran to Europe from the mid 19th century until the early 20th century. Tabrizes, Mahals and Sultanabads produced by the Ziegler Co. are now known as Ziegler Carpets.

Lot 328, an antique Mahal, a so called Ziegler, ca 488-491 x 378,5-391,5 cm. Estimate: 7.421 – 8.349 EUR
Lot 274. An antique Ziegler Mahal, ca 419,5 x 323,5 cm. Estimate 60.000 – 80.000 SEK
Lot 217. Ziegler carpet, Arak, (sultanabad), late 19th/early 20th century, 9ft. X 7ft. 7in., 2.75m. X 2.31m. Estimate 3,000 – 4,000 GBP
Lot 167. Ziegler Mahal carpet, north west Persia, late 19th century, 13ft. 4in. X 11ft. 9in. 4.06m. X 3.58m. Estimate 4,000 – 5,000 GBP
Lot 164. Ziegler Mahal carpet, north west Persia, late 19th century, 17ft. 9in. x 11ft. 11in. 5.41m. x 3.63m. Estimate: £2000-3000
A Persian Ziegler carpet. A decorative all over entwined branches design on a beige field. 21st century. 395 x 300 cm. Est. 3300-4000.- Euro.
Lot 2. “Ziegler” Carpet West Persia, 19th century. Size 10’3″ x 13’1″
Lot 67. Ziegler wagireh, north west Persia, late 19th century, 3ft. 5in. x 4ft. 1.04m. x 1.22m. Estimate £600-800
Lot 817, ZIEGLER SULTANABAD CARPET, Persia, ca. 1870; Size 20 ft. x 16 ft.; (altered in size) Estimate $10,000-20,000
Lot 813, ZIEGLER SULTANABAD CARPET, Persia, circa 1875; 17 ft. 1 in. x 12 ft. 4 in. Estimate $10,000-20,000
LOT 358
A ZIEGLER MAHAL CARPET, CENTRAL PERSIA approximately 14ft. 7in. by 13ft. 10in. (4.44 by 4.22m.) circa 1900. Estimate 15,000 — 20,000 USD
Lot 1520, ZIEGLER MAHAL antique 480×590 cm. Estimate 16.670 – 25.000 EUR
Lot 1672, a Ziegler carpet

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