Safavid period carpets

The climax of Persian carpet design and manufacture was achieved under the Safavid dynasty as a result of the inluence of court designers at all levels of artistic carpet production. The Safavid dynasties of Persia ruled from 1501 to 1722.

Lot 266. AN EARLY SAFAVID CARPET FRAGMENT, NORTH WEST PERSIA. First half 16th century. Approximately 323 by 280 cm. Estimate: 15,000 – 25,000 GBP
Lot 257 Safavid Isfahan rug Central Persia 17th century. Size 230cm. x 145 cm. Estimate GBP 8,000 – GBP 12,000
Lot 98. A Safavid ‘Vase-technique’ carpet fragment, possibly Kirman, Southeast Persia, approximately 6ft. 1in. by 4ft. 1in. (1.85 by 1.24m.), late 16th century. Estimate 150,000 — 200,000 USD
Lot 66. A Safavid part-cotton and part-metal-thread fragmentary rug, Kashan or Isphahan. Approximately 4ft. 4in. by 2ft. 3in. (1.32 by 0.69m.), second half 16th century. Estimate 40,000 – 60,000 USD
Lot 66: A Safavid silk fabric with metal-wrapped threads, Persia, 16th century 53 x 38 cm, estimate 3.000 €
Armenian Safavid embroidery with a unique representation of Jonah and the Whale. Circa 1630. Owned by Berdj Achdjian.
Figdor Carpet, detail, Kerman garden carpet, Safavid Empire, South Iran, 1st half 17th century 191 x 156 cm, purchased at the Albert Figdor auction in 1930. © Lois Lammerhuber/MAK
Wiener Jagdteppich [Viennese Hunting Carpet], detail, Safavid Empire, Central Iran, Kashan, 1st half 16th century 687 x 331 cm, taken over from the Imperial Court in 1922. © Gerald Zugmann/MAK
From the collection of Robert P. Hendrikson
A Safavid ‘vase’-technique carpet fragment, probably Kirman, Southeast Persia
Early 17th century
Approximately 122 x 74 cm
From the collection of Joseph and Lewis Dubroff. A Safavid prayer rug, Kashan or Isphahan, Central Persia. Circa 1600. Approximately 173 x 119cm. $300,000-500,000
Lot 467, a late 17th or early18th century Safavid “Vase” carpet. Size 357 by 302 cm.
Safavid silk brocade 17th/18th century.


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