Moroccan rugs

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Traditionally, Moroccan rugs have been woven for their domestic purposes rather than for decorative purposes. Moroccan rugs may be thick with a heavy pile, making them useful for the snow-capped Atlas mountains.

Moroccan rug, Atlas, ca. 1920. 200×416 cm.
Tazenakht mid 20the century
Tazenakht mid 20the century
Tazenakht 1.half 20th century
Fine old pile rug from the region around Boujad – Sraghna, Moroccan central plains, mid 20th century, 230 x 165 cm. Exhibitor Gebhart Blazek
Vintage Moroccan Wool Pile Rug: 6’2” x 7’5”. Estimate $125 – $250
Lot 96 Moroccan rug mid20ct.
Lot 51. Moroccan carpet mid 20th century 4 ft x 9 ft 6 in
Ait Ouaouzguite Berber rug. North Africa, Morocco, first half 20th century. Rippon Boswell
Lot 324, a Berber rug, 230 x 143 cm
Lot 1678, a Rabat carpet, Middle Atlas, Morocco, mid-20th century, 9ft. 11in. x 6ft. 1in. 3.02m. x 1.86m. Estimate: £300-400
Lot 1617. A Rabat carpet, Middle Atlas, Morocco, early 20th century, 12ft. 7in. x 10ft. 5in. 3.84m. x 3.17m. Estimate £2,000-3,000

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