Kurdish rugs

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Kurdish Rugs are rugs woven by Kurds.  Kurdish groups populate the eastern part of Turkey, northern Iraq, western Persia and areas near Persia’s eastern borders. Many rugs labelled Kurdish are from the eastern part of Anatolia.

Lot 6005. ANTIQUE PERSIAN KURDISH RUG , SIZE 5’4″ X 9′ ( 1.62 M X 2.74 M ). Estimate: $2,000 – $4,000
Kurdish prayer rug. Bingöl, East Anatolia circa 1875. Collection of Sonny Berntsson.
Lot 168. East Anatolian Kurdish Rug. Turkey mid 19th century 215 x 116 cm (7ft. 1in. X 3ft. 10in.). Provenance: Austrian private collection. Estimate: € 5.000 – 7.000
Kurdish Rug 18th century
Kurdish prayer rug
Kurdish rug 314 x 171 cm. possibly North Western Iran or Southern Caucasus, 19th c. Unusual and very geometric pattern of octagons, squares and crosses surrounded by a floral border.
East Anatolian Kurdish rug. Exhibitor Patrick Pouler
The one part of an Central Anatolian Chankiri Kurdish carpet circa 1850. These carpets were sewed together by two parts because the weavers only had narrow looms.

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Se map of Kurdish areas.