Jewish rugs

The most well-known Jewish rugs are Bezalel rugs and Marbediah (Marvadiah) rugs made by Jewish weavers in the first quarter of the 20th century in Jerusalem. The Marbediah workshop was affiliated with the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem and carpets from this workshop were either labelled Bezalel or Marbediah.

ANTIQUE ISRAELI MARBEDIAH RUG , 2 FT X 2 FT 9 IN (0.61 M X 0.84 M). (Nazmiyal Auctions 15 October 2020)
ANTIQUE ISRAELI BEZALEL MENORAH RUG , 3 FT 6 IN X 4 FT 10 IN (1.07 M X 1.47 M). (Nazmiyal Auctions 15 October 2020)
A BEZALEL RUG. Israel, size approximately 6ft. 3in. x 10ft. 2in. (Bonhams 28 February 2011)