Chinese rugs and carpets

The carpet production in China were probably introduced between the 15th and 17th centuries and the patterns inspired from Chinese porcelain and other art. These Chinese carpets were popular in the imperial courts during this time.

Chinese Art Deco rugs

The Art Deco period (1908-1935) was an international design movement and Chinese Art Deco rugs were produced from the 1910’s to the 1940’s… read more

Chinese saddle rugs

The photo-gallery of Chinese saddle rug includes both under and over saddle rugs… read more

Inner Mongolian rugs and saddle rugs

Inner Mongolia is a region of northern China and borders Mongolia and Russia. Baotou in Inner Mongolia was the main trading place for rugs from the surrounding towns… read more

Kangxi rugs

Kangxi era carpets are from the period 1654-1722 where the Kangxi Emperor ruled… read more

Kansu rugs

Kansu (Gansu) is a province of western China. Kansu rugs were woven in the weaving center of Ningxia and in many smaller towns… read more

Mandarin rugs

Ming carpets

The Ming dynasty was the ruling dynasty of China from 1368 to 1644… read more

Nichols rugs

The most famous maker of Chinese Art Deco rugs was the American Walter Nichols. Walter Nichols started his production of Nichols Chinese Rugs in 1924 in the port city of Tientsin in Northern China… read more

Ningxia rugs

Ningxia (Ninghsia) is a city of Kansu Province in western China. Ningxia was also the major center for rug weaving in Kansu Province in the 18th-19th centuries… read more

Peking rugs

Rug weaving in Peking (Beijing) are considered to begin in middle of the 19th century with a peek between 1880-1920… read more

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