Marasali rugs

Marasali rugs are attributed to a village the Shirvan region of the Caucasus.  Especially prayer rugs with botehs are attributed to the village.

Lot 90. a 19th century Marasali prayer rug 138 x 93 cm.
Marasali pryer rug dated 1858 from the collection of Moshe Tabibnia
Lot 68. Marasali, Caucasus ca. 1880, 5ft. 9in. x 3ft. 10in. Estimate: € 800-1200
Lot 3, Marasali Prayer rug, Caucasus ca. 1880, 5ft. 1in. x 3ft. 10in. Estimate: € 2000 – 3000
Marasali prayer rug – Rudnick Collection


Lot 714, a Shirvan Marasali late 19th century. Size 142×109 cm. Estimate 1,800-2,200 EUR
Lot 2739317. An antique Caucasian Shirvan Marasali prayer rug 161×134 cm. Estimate 45.000 DKK
A dated antique Marasali prayer rug, Caucasus. A finely knotted and colourful classical Marasali with the charateristic boteh design on a blue field surrounded by anteater main border. Dated 1303. 19th century. 154 x 107 cm. Est. Euro. 8000.-
Shirvan Marasali. Exhibitor Foumani Persian Gallery.

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