Balouch rugs

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The Baluchis inhabit Baluchistan, a part of Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Balouch pile rugs are usually small and in dark colours. This educational photo-gallery includes excellent examples of these rugs.

Lot 107, a Balouch circa 1900. Size 155 x 93 cm. Estimate € 1.800 – 2.400
Lot 3517, a Balouch rug 219×113 cm. Estimate 500 EUR
Lot 27, a Balouch bagface 72×66 cm
Lot 211, a mid 19th century Balouch. Size 144 x 110cm and estimate 4,000 EUR.
Balouch Pillow – Alberto Boralevi
Lot 881. A Baluch, circa 1920, 196 x 107 cm
19th century Baluch rug. Exhibitor Ron Hort
19th century Baluch rug exhibited by Ron Hort
19th century Baluch rug – exhibitor Rons Hort
19th century Baluch prayer rug. Exhibitor Ron Hort
Lot 299 Baluchi prayer rug, Mashad area, Khorasan, north east Persia about 1930-50, 4ft.6in. x 2ft.10in. 1.37m. x 0.86m. £80-120

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