Kayseri rugs

Kayseri is a large city in Central Anatolia, Turkey. Most Keyseri rugs on the market are silk rugs.

A Kayseri silk rug, Turkey. Medallion design with cypresses surrounded by animal motifs. C. 1960. 184 x 124 cm. (Bruun Rasmussen September 2017)
A full silk Kayseri carpet, Tyrkey. A Kayseri design inspired by the 17th century Persian Safavid “vase” design. C. 1960. 276 x 190 cm. (Bruun Rasmussen June 2017)
Silk Keyseri circa 1890, 221×155 cm (Dr. Hüll 27 October 2014)
Detail of Keyseri silk rug circa 1880. Size 145 cm x 149 cm. (Hans Homm 24 May 2014)

Images in the Kayseri rugs gallery are published with permission from auction houses, dealers, collectors or museums.