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Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers will hold their next international auction including carpets “Furniture, carpets and varia” 26 February 2020 in Bredgade, Copenhagen. The preview takes place 20-24 February. The sale includes a limited number of fine oriental rugs and carpets.

“Highlights of the sale are few atractive weaving from North west Persia Heriz, an Isfahan Shah portrait rug and a few Chinese pieces including a “Great Benevolence” signed silk Chinese dragon rug. In the late 20th century selection you will find a few oversize decorative carpets such as an 89 sqm Nain carpet, an ivory field Agra design carpet and a garden design Baktiari carpet.” says Bruun Rasmussens carpet expert Henrik Schleppegrell to Jozan Magazine.

Antique Heriz carpet
Antique Heriz carpet, North West Persia. A classical medallion design with cut off corners, stylised flowers, entwined branches and foliage surround by wide rosette main border on an ivory ground. 1880-1910. 295 x 210 cm. Est. 16.500.- Euro.
Heriz-Serapi carpet
An antique room size Heriz-Serapi carpet, North West Persia. 1900-1920. 563 x 398 cm. Est. 40.000.- Euro.
An antique Lori Pompak Kasak rug
An antique Lori Pompak Kasak rug, Caucasus. A classical example with central medallion on a open red field with a few corner ornaments surrounded by a white calyx and leaf border. Characteristic colour palette with the use of a few colours due to the tradition. 1880-1910. 193 x 139 cm. Est. 6700.- Euro.
Oversize Nain palace carpet
A signed oversize Nain palace carpet, Persia. A classical medallion design on a red field surrounded by a wide main border on an ivory field. Made on special order. Second half 20th century. 1137 x 782 cm. Est. 8000-10.000.- Euro
Chinese five-claw dragon design rug
A signed Chinese five-claw dragon design rug on an Imperial yellow field surrounded by main border of classical buddhist symbols.
Inscription at top reading: “Jing Ren Gong Bei Yong”/For the use in the Palace of Great Benevolence. Early 20th century. 245 x 156 cm. Est. 10.000.- Euro.
Isfahan Shah rug
A historical Isfahan Shah rug, Persia. Portrait rug depicting historical Persian personalities, centre depicting the mighty Nader Shah surrounded by poems, Shah Sultan (upper left corner), Shah Suleyman (upper right corner), Shah Abas (lower left corner) and Shah Tahmasab (lower right corner). Inscribed: Isfahan, shirazi workshop. Dated 1338=1920. 210 x 133 cm. Est. 6000.- Euro
A Baktiari room size carpet
A Baktiari room size carpet, Persia. A modern version of the classical “Garden of paradise” design. 21st century. 585 x 395 cm. Est. 5300.- Euro.

The online catalogue can be found at bruun-rasmussen.dk

Location and more information: Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers, Bredgade 31-33, 1260 Copenhagen

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