North and Central African textiles at Gros & Delettrez

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Gros & Delettrez will hold their auction “Orientalisme” Friday 28 June 2019 at 14.00. The auction will take place at Salle 14, Drouot-Richelieu, 9, rue Drouot 75009 Paris.

This auction include some sixty antique and semi-antique North African textiles and Central African textiles from the former French colonies.  The exhibition preview is open for the public Wednesday 26 June from 11.00-18.00 and Thursday 28 June from 11.00-12.00.

Lot 50. A Sierra Leone woven blanket, Africa. First half 20th century. Size 136×101 cm. Estimate 1.000-2.000 EUR.
Lot 61. A central embroidered part of a Berber wedding shawl from Tunisia. Second half 19th century. Size 89×49 cm. Etimate 250-500 EUR
Lot 76. A ceremonial hanging with an inscription, Dahomey or Benin. Size 185×140 cm. Estimate 1.000-2.000 EUR

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