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Igor Honkanen will exhibit at STS 2013. Archive photo STS 2012.

The 9th edition of Sartirana Textile Show organized by Alberto Boralevi will take place 19-22 September 2013 at Sartirana Castle at the first floor of the Pila building. Jozan Magazine has asked Alberto Boralevi if he has any news about the coming show to share with Jozan’s readers.

“We are working hard to organize the show and we have already recieved several registrations by old and new dealers. At present we have the following names confirmed: David Sorgato (Milan), Serkan Sari (Karlsruhe), Franco dell’Orto (Venice), Foumani (Amsterdam), Tehrani (Hamburg), Mollaian (Ferrara), Igor Honkanen (Helsinki), Kamoo Gallery (Teheran), Kami Chanteh (Turin), Robin Parvisyar (Milan), Herbert Bieler (Vienna), Sadettin Ufuklar (Ravenna), Carpet Diem (Monfalcone), Alberto Boralevi (Florence), Mirco Cattai (Milan), Rillosi (Venice), Degiosa Art (Singapore). We are expecting that another 8-10 exhibitors will join the group in the next weeks” said Alberto Boralevi.

One of the new entries is Giuseppe (Pino) De Giosa, an Italian living in Singapore. Giuseppe (Pino) De Giosa is a well known collector of Tibetan rugs and South East Asian textiles who has recently moved into dealing. He will present some important Tibetan examples and a collection of rare Buthanese Rain Cloacks (charkab).

Sadettin Ufuklar will exhibit at STS 2013. Archive photo STS 2012.

Among the exhibitors in 2013 will be a very special stand run by a wine company, Conti Ducco of Franciacorta. This wine company will set set up a wine-tasting station just in the centre of the Show. “I am sure that many of our visitors and dealers will appreciate this very much” said Alberto Boralevi to Jozan Magazine.

The special non-sale exhibition at this years Sartirana Textile Show will be devoted to all kind of bags, town or tribal, for tent or saddle, for men or women and from any provenance and age. The exhibited bags will be loans from participating dealers and private collectors.”I’m also negotiating for having a very important and rare early piece from an Italian Museum which will be the gem of this exhibition” said Alberto Boralevi.

A second smaller exhibition is also planned but has not been finally corfirmed yet. Sartirana Textile Show 2013 will again include the popular Tea-Time-Textile-Talk and an International scholar has been invited by the organizers.

Location and more information: Alberto Boralevi, Sartirana Textile Show 19-22 September 2013, Sartirana Castle, Sartirana, Lomellina, Italy.

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