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Tekke Turkmen Carpet
Tekke Turkmen Carpet Central Asia mid19th century

Jozan Magazine has asked Thomas Cole – California dealer specializing in collectible tribal rugs and weavings and contributing editor of HALI – to tell about his experiences on world wide web. Tom has in a very short time created a really interesting web site.

Ersari Turkmen Embroidered Cuffs Central Asia early 20th centuryA few years ago, a friend who had no experience with the internet and little inkling how the antique rug and textile business is conducted, urged me to get involved with the net, build a website and deal in the world economy on another level. Skeptical and intrinsically old fashioned, as many rug dealers are, I dismissed the ideas with little consideration. Then, a little more than one year before, a friend urged me to build one and introduced me to someone who offered to do it for a reasonable price and accept a rug as part payment.

How could I refuse, as the barter system is very much like the rug business. I consented but was urged, at the same time, to learn how to do it myself, how to add to my own site. Enrolled in a junior college class in Adobe Go LIVE, I soon acquired the skills necessary to add into my own site, and soon reformatted pages, including the ARTICLES section of my site, and offered my services to other rug dealers. To date, NO ONE has taken me up on that offer in spite of the admiration for the design of the site. Business was slow at first, but now, with recognition by search engines and word of mouth, visitors are numerous and business does transpire on the site , often with new people from countries as far flung as Sweden and Singapore.

Traffic on the site is brisk, inquiries far outnumber actual sales but positive feedback flows in every day via email. All in all, it has been a gratifying experience, affording me the opportunity to exercise creativity within the medium of the Adobe programs, and enjoy the fruits of my labors on screen.

Thomas Cole 31 May 2004

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