Nagel Auction, Rugs and Carpets, 9 November 2004

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Nagel auction Rugs and Carpets, Textiles and Tapestry 9 November 2004 includes 304 lots.
Selection from the preview.
All images ©Nagel Auction

LOT: 38
RUG NAME: Kazak Karachoph
AGE: Early 20th century
ESTIMATE: 3.500 Eur
SOLD: 3.000 Eur
DESCRIPTION: A Kazak Karachoph, CAUCASUS, early 20th ct., corroded browns, two repiled areas. Size 220 x 150 cm

LOT: 48
RUG NAME: Gendje
AGE: Late 19th century
SOLD: 3.600 EUR
DESCRIPTION: A Gendje rug, CAUCASUS, late 19th ct., very small repiled areas, corroded browns.
Size 211 x 136 cm

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