München Textile Art 2003

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Munich Textile Art will take place from March 6th to 9th 2003. The exhibition includes antique rugs, flatweaves, tapestries and textiles from reputable exhibitors.The exhibitors include Galerie Frauenknecht, Adil Bisim, Galerie Bieler, James Cohen, Wieser & Meindl, Daniel Goodman and  Noah’s Ark – to mention some of the announced exhibitors.

KonyaPrayer18ct bieler1 gr - München Textile Art 2003
MTA 2003: Konya prayer rug 18th Century from Galerie Bieler,©MTA
MTA2002 2 - München Textile Art 2003
Impression from Munich Textile Art 2002 ©MTA
Textile17ct Ming noah1 gr - München Textile Art 2003
Textile, early 17th century (Ming)
Silk, Kesi Technique from Galerie Noah’s Ark ©MTA

Bertram Frauenknecht expect around 20 exhibitors this year. Bertram is together with his wife Mariola the organizer of the annual exhibition. Quality is everything for Munich Textile Art, says Bertram Frauenknecht to Jozan Magazine. At the exhibition in 2002 there were 2000 visitors.

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