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The ongoing Sartirana Textile Show 19-22 September 2013 includes rugs and textiles from 26 antique rug and textile dealers. Most of the dealers are esteemed Italian dealers but also international dealers from Germany, Austria, France, Iran and Finland are present. The show will run through Sunday 22 September at 20.00 so there it is still time to visit Sartirana Textile Show 2013.

18th century Italian rug, Pescocostanzo. Exhibitor Alberto Boralevi
The stand of Shawl Gallery, Tehran
Hüseyin Konukcu in front of a 150 years old Bergama rug exhibited by Mirco Cattai Fine Arts & Antique Rugs.
17th century Khotan carpet exhibited by CarpetDiem
Qashqai carpet circa 1850. Exhibitor Chanteh di Kami
Mirco Cattai in front of a 17th century Transylvanian rug
18th century Konya rug. Exhibitor Mirco Cattai
Qashqai kilim circa 1850. Exhibitor Elisabetta Vignati
19th century Caucasian Kasim Usak. Exhibitor Anatolian Tappeti by Sadettin Ufuklar
North West Persian rug 120 years old. Exhibitor Anatolian Tappeti by Sadettin Ufuklar
Kazak made for domestic use circa 1850. Exhibitor Herbert Bieler
Mid 19th century Anatolian kilim exhibited by David Sorgato
Kis Giordes wedding rug. Exhibitor Lombardo & Partners
The stand of Tea Tappeti by Sechi Elio
The stand of Galerie Emir
19th century Khotan rug exhibited by Nader
Mid 19th century Khotan carpet. Exhibitor Augusto Rillosi
17th century Isfahan rug exhibited by Alberto Boralevi
Konya Yatak 120-150 years old. Exhibitor Franco Dell’Orto
Malayer carper circa 120 years old. Exhibitor Nikzad Carpet

Opening hours: Saturday 21 September from 10.00 to 22.00 and Sunday 22 September from 10.00 to 20.00.

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Location and more information: Sartirana Textile Show 2013, Sartirana Lomellina, Italy

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