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A lot of interesting antique rugs and textiles where on display at the Sartirana Textile Show 2018. Among them antique Persian, Turkmen, Caucasian and Anatolian rugs, bags, kilims, sumakhs and kilims. Most of the rugs where 19th century pieces. A rare 17th century Abruzzi textile was exhibited by the fair organiser Alberto Boralevi.

Mid 19th century Beshir carpet. Pazyrik Carpet
Feraghan 19th century. Sieber Teppiche.
Detail of 17th century Abruzzi textile. Alberto Boralevi
Qashqai bag. Second half 19th century. Seltene Orientteppiche
Lesghi rug. Circa 1870. Serkan Sari.
Akseray early 19th century. Galerie Emir
Daghestan carpet. Recai Teppiche
Saryk ensi 18 th century. Max Lerch
Bakshaish 1880. James Cohen
Mucur prayer rug. Seltene Orientteppiche
Rayhanli Sivas circa 1800. Nader.

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