Rippon Boswell “The Kossow Collection” 26 March

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Moving on to visit Rippon Boswell in Wiesbaden, a bit over an hour from Stuttgart by train, we find a “Single Collector” auction that is not just an auction but also magnificent, informative, and educational, exhibition. Don’t miss this exhibition and sale!

Lot 1, a Shahsavan Horse Cover North West Persia, Azerbaijan. First quarter 20th century.
Lot 155, a Qashqa’i Horse Cover South West Persia, Fars. First quarter 20th century.

The “Single Collector” is Professor Dr. Klaus Dieter Kossow who began is collecting career in 1963. The central focus of the collection is Persian tribal weavings with the primary focus on Fars (SW Iran) and West Iran. Perhaps “Single Collection” might be a more accurate term in that it is intimated that the whole Kossow family was involved.

Lot 3, a Qashqa’i Horse Cover, Amaleh Tribe South West Persia, Fars. First quarter 20th century.

There are many striking aspects to this collection. 20 horse covers are shown of which 16 fall into his primary SW and W Persian focus. These range from an incredible, unique, Amaleh (lot 3) example that can only be described as nationalistic. In addition there are 4 examples of folk (lots 39,109,155,& 162), as well as traditional. In addition there is a killer Shahsevan (lot 1) example plus a Senneh (lot 45), an Uzbek, (lot 165) a Bokharan (lot 168), and a Yomud (lot 181)!

Lot 168, a Bokhara Horse Cover Central Asia, Emirate of Bokhara. Late 19th century.
Lot 181, a Yomud Horse Cover, Atabay Tribe North East Persia, Gurgan region. First quarter 20th century.

One might say that he had an affinity for horse covers in general but it is most certain that this is one of the best and most comprehensive collections of Persian tribal horse covers presently known. Supplementing the horse covers are four saddle covers; 2 smiling Ainalus (Lots 69 & 144), an Afshar (lot 166) and a rather unique Malayer with a vivid but amusing hunting scene (lot 90).

Lot 90, a Malayer Saddle Cover West Persia, Hamadan region. Ca. 1900.

The auction is sprinkled with a wide variety of bands of various sizes and functions including packing straps (lot 17 composed of 11 straps! & lot 59 a group of 7), and Fars animal trappings (lots 5,9,17, & 91) plus a band fragment recycled as a chanteh (lot 200). In addition there are two good Afshar trappings (lot 146) including a 3 band headpiece (lot 195).

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