Mia Muratori: Translations: Encaustic Paintings to Wool Rugs

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American artist, Mia Muratori is working with weavers in Pakistan and Nepal to translate her repertoire of encaustic paintings into unique, hand-woven, art rugs. Mia Muratori and Co. has joined GoodWeave to commit to a child-labor-free supply chain for production of its rugs, certifying the rugs are ethically made.

Her show runs from 7-23 June 2013 at Gallery51 in Philadelphia.

Mia Muratori Translations: Encaustic Paintings to Wool Rugs
‘Velocity of Thought’ is a contemporary, hand-woven, art rug, made in Pakistan and based on an encaustic painting of the same title, by American artist, Mia Muratori.

Gallery51 often features contemporary artists. Recent shows also include tapestry artist Alan Magee, Korean fiber artist Bo Young Moon, photographer Peggy Feerick, multi-talented artist Jane Steinsnyder and painter Christopher Windle.

Location and more information:  Gallery51, 51 N. 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19106

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