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The second London Antique Rug and Textile Art Fair (LARTA) will take place 22-25 March 2012. “LARTA 2012 will be fun, cool, and inspiring and there will be eye-catching show-stoppers alongside rare collectors’ items and affordable furnishing items, presented by some of the UK’s most knowledgeable and dynamic dealers in the field” says Aaron Nejad.

Detail of a wedding trapping from the middle Amu Darya. Exhibitor Anthony Hazledine
Beshir Chuval mid 19th century or earlier. Exhibitor Aaron Nejad.
Shahsevan Salt-Bag 43cm x 33cm. Exhibitor Brian MacDonald.
Ersari Wedding trapping circa 1880 163 x 58cm. Exhibitor James Cohen.
Ersari chuval, Turkmenistan, 19th century. Exhibitor Owen Parry.
Antique Kurdish rug 1.91m X 1.10m. Exhibitor Seneh Carpet.

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Location and more information: The London Antique Rug and Textile Art Fair, The Showroom, 63 Penfold Street, London NW8.

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