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Alberto Boralevi at the opening of the exhibition.
Alberto Boralevi at the opening of the exhibition.

By Stefano Ionescu

Place: Spineto Abbey, Sarteano (SI) 30 December 2011 – 7 January 2012

The Abbey was founded in 1085 and is a fine example of Italian and Tuscan monasticism. It lies in an isolated but strategic position between the Val di Chiana and the Vald’Orcia.

Today the Abbey has a new lease of life, thanks to the actual owner Marilisa Cuccia, who transfermed the Abbey in a wonderful location for group events. The Abbey is home of a non-profit organization, involved in promoting the region’s historic and cultural heritage as well as different forms of art.

The exhibition, curated by Edgardo Pinto Guerra native from Alexandria, displayed a selection of 18 and 19th century prayer or meditation rugs, from different areas: Turkey, Caucasus, Iran, Central-Asia, Tibet . All rugs were provided by from the Alberto Boralevi and of Ziya Bozoglu of Perugia.

Alberto Boralevi (left) with Marilisa Cuccia, host of the event, Edgardo Pinto Guerra and Teresa Maddalena

During the opening ceremony the numerous public enjoyed Alberto and Edgardo presenting every piece and exploring the signification of single motifs and the relation of prayer rugs with different religions from Shamanic to Christian Orthodox and Jewish. Additional information was provided by a spectacular computer run presentation assembled by Alberto.

A charming end of the year for carpet enthusiasts from Tuscany, who enjoyed a stimulating rug event and the great hospitality of the place in a most clear day.

Stefano Ionescu

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