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The Carpet Cellar has invited to visit their newly opened gallery at the Santushti Complex for an exhibition titled “Pomegranates from Samarkand” which comprises Samarkand, Khotan, and Kashgar carpets that have been put together from Mr. Sheel Chandras private collection that have been collected over a period of 35 years.

Khotan collector Claudio Ortolani and Dhruv Chandra, the Carpet Cellar
Khotan collector Claudio Ortolani and Dhruv Chandra, the Carpet Cellar

The exhibition is on till 5 September 2008.

The Carpet Cellar has brought together a special exhibition of handmade master pieces from some of the most important carpet weaving centres of East Turkestan.

The featured carpets embody influences from the north west frontier province, Persia and China, reflecting the multi-cultural iconographies of ancient Samarkand.

Exhibition: Pomegranates from Samarkand
Exhibition: Pomegranates from Samarkand

One such iconographic motif prominently displayed, is the Pomegrenate fruit.
Traditionally the Pomegranate symbol meanings deal with abundance, fertility, lusciousness, generosity and union. Used in many cultures as a symbol of marriage, fertility, and love, the pomegranate with its leathery outer skin and its pink juicy, sweet interior is a symbol of encompassing bliss, reminiscent of passion and luxury.

Location: Gallery Carpet Cellar, Shop No 38, Santushti complex, New Wing , Chanakyapuri, (opposite Samrat Hotel)  New Delhi, India. Opening hours 10:30 am – 6:30 pm, Sunday closed.

Source: Press release The Carpet Cellar

Jozan Magazine 13 August 2008

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