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Karma is not a traditional fair but a handful of antique rug dealers, all selling their antique pieces in the same building.  This years Karma takes places 1-4 April 2011 at 202 Kensington Church Street, near to Notting Hill Gate and Portobello Road. Opening hours are 11 am – 9.30 pm all days.
Michael Craycraft. ( Photo by Sarah Haberkern)
Detail, Ningsia runner. Exhibitor Alberto Boralevi.
“It is kind of hotel where each of us has a room where to live, to sleep, to eat and to show our textile treasures. Every evening at 7:30 we have a lecture and some refreshements and drinks at the same time. Friday I spoke about the so-called Transylvanian Rugs and Saturday Koos De Jong, a well known Chinese and Tibetan Rugs Collector, talked about his Collection of Saddle rugs” said Alberto Boralevi, to Jozan Magazine.
“This collection”, he continued, “will also be shown in Sartirana 14-18 September, as a part of the Textile Show.
Sam Coad in his room. (Photo by Sarah Haberkern)
“Karmas first day was not too busy but with the start of the auctions Sunday the number of visitors rose up and the enthusiasm increased” said Sarah Haberkern to Jozan Magazine.
Exhibition room Michael Craycraft/Sarah Haberkern.
Exhibitor Rupert Smith (photo by Sarah Haberkern)
Spanish sampler dated 1795. Exhibitor Alberto Boralevi.
Anatolian kilim fragment. Exhibitor Alberto Boralevi.
Algerian, Tunisian and Chrete embroideries. Exhibitor Alberto Boralevi.
Thomas Wild, Sam Coad and Rupert Smith. (Photo by Sarah Haberkern)
Exhibitor James Cohen. (Photo by Sarah Haberkern)
Exhibitor Thomas Wild. (Photo by Sarah Haberkern)
Location and more information: Karma 1-4 April 2011, 202 Kensington Church Street, London

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