Karma exhibitor Hans Homm

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Hans Homm, antique rug dealer since 1995 and specialist for Nagel Actions will exhibit at Kensington Antique Rug Mercantile Association (Karma) 4-7 June, 2010.

Among the pieces he will show at Karma are an 17th century Ushak “Lotto Rug” and a Mughal “Mille Fleur Rug” from the early 18th century.

Ushak Lotto, West Anatolia 17th Century 157 cm x 117 cm
Mughal “Mille Fleur Rug” India, early 18th. Cent. 216 cm x 140 cm, ex Robin Symes Collection

Dates and location: Karma 4-7 June 2010, 202 Kensington Church Street, London.

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