Karma antique rug & textile show 8-11 June 2012

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The annual antique and textile dealer fair with approximately a dozen exhibitors, Karma, will open in London in a few days. Opening hours are 11am – 9 pm all showdays Friday 8 June to Monday 11 June 2012.

The updated exhibitor list includes – like recent years – Hans Homm, James Cohen, Owen Parry, Tony Hazledine, Andy Lloyd, Sam Coad, Thomas Wild and Rupert Smith. Luca Sguaitzer and Trudy Field are this year’s new Karma exhibitors.

Besides the fair, with ten antique rug dealers, Karma will also include a lecture program.

Shahsavan Soumak Bag with figures. Exhibitor Owen Parry
Moghan Kazak 5’8 x 6’6 circa1825-50. Exhibitor James Cohen
Jaf Bag circa 1880. Exhibitor Andy Lloyd
Early 20th century rare Tunesian textile 132 x 256 c. Exhibitor Luca Sguaitzer
Chinese 14/15th century silk dragon roundel. Exhibitor Rupert Smith
Early 20th century Laotian cotton blanket. Exhibitor Trudy Field
19th century Ning-Hsia 79 x 84 cm. Exhibitor Hans Homm
Yumut asmalyk. Exhibitor Owen Parry
Belouch 4′ x 8’3 circa 1880 with original kilim ends. Exhibitor James Cohen
Suzani silk embroidery on cotton mid.19th century 175 x 202 cm. Exhibitor Luca Sguaitzer
Sudarat Suwannapong wearing a Tibetan nambu chuba. Exhibitor Rupert Smith Textiles
Early 19th century Shahsavan 213 x 128 cm. Exhibitor Hans Homm
Fante Asafo Flag circa 1920. Exhibitor Andy Lloyd

Location and more information: Karma 8-11 June 2012, 3rd and 4th floors 202 Apartments, 202 Kensington Church St, Kensington, London

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