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A week of study with Dr. Jon Thompson

June 21-25, 2005  – The Nickle Arts Museum, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Star Kazak
Star Kazak

This intensive week of study with Dr. Jon Thompson promises to introduce students to the large and complex field of Oriental carpets, says Dr. Michele Hardy, Curator of Decorative Arts, to Jozan Magazine.

The course aims to provide students with a framework for understanding the different categories of carpets with reference to the weavers’ social and cultural circumstances, she continues.

According to Michele Hardy topics covered will include: fibre identification, preparation of the materials (combing, spinning, plying), setting up the loom, weaving operations, and means of pattern transmission. The course will also examine natural and synthetic dyestuffs, discuss their relative advantages and shortcomings, and propose guidelines for recognising certain dyes by eye. The focus will be on older carpets rather than contemporary pieces.
Course format will include illustrated lectures, special hands-on sessions, and exclusive viewings.

Dr. Jon Thompson
Dr. Jon Thompson is the May Beattie Fellow in Carpet Studies, Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford directing the work of the Beattie Carpet Archive. He teaches courses on carpets and textiles of the Islamic world at Oxford and at the British Museum. His publications include : Hunt for Paradise: Court Arts of Safavid Iran 1501–1576 , edited with Sheila Canby (2003), The Nomadic Peoples of Iran edited with Richard Tapper (2002), Carpets: From the Tents, Cottages and Workshops of Asia (1993), Silk, Carpets and the Silk Road (1988), and Turkmen Tribal Carpets and Traditions, with Louise W. Mackie (1980).

Exterior Nickle Museum 300x225 - Introduction to the Oriental Carpet with Jon ThompsonThe Nickle Arts Museum
The course is hosted by The Nickle Arts Museum, University of Calgary in Calgary, Canada, which provides a rich environment for the study of Oriental carpets.

For further information contact Dr. Michele Hardy, The Nickle Arts Museum, tel (403) 220 4137, fax (403) 282 4742, email

Jozan Magazine 8 March 2005

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