International Conference on Oriental Carpets 2015

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Elmira Gyul held a lecture about Suzanis at ICOC Stockholm 2011

The 13th International Conference on Oriental Carpets (ICOC) is being held 6-9 August 2015 in cooperation with the new Textile Museum on the campus of George Washington University, Washington DC.

The Conference will include a series of interesting lectures, admission to the opening exhibition at the new museum, exhibitions in and around Washington DC, access to the Textile Museum’s conservation and storage facilities and both pre- and post-Conference Tours. The Hilton Garden Inn will serve as conference hotel..

ICOC program

  • The Pre-Conference Tours 6 August 2015 include visits at the GWU/Textile Museum Conservation and Collections Resource Center and the Dumbarton Oaks Museum in Washington DC. A Carpet Fair with more than 15 international dealers will be held in the evening at the Hilton Garden Inn.
  • The Conference Friday 7 August includes Academic Sessions at GWU Jack Morton Auditorium and Reception & Exhibitions at GWU/Textile Museum. The Carpet Fair will be open afternoon and evening.
  • The Conference Saturday 8 August includes Academic Sessions at GWU Jack Morton Auditorium and Reception & Exhibitions Collectors’ Exhibitions. The Carpet Fair will be open afternoon and evening.
  • The Conference Sunday 9 August includes Academic Sessions at GWU Jack Morton Auditorium, Show & Tell and Closing Session. Carpet Fair morning and afternoon.
  • The Post-Conference Tour 9-12 August includes stay at the Embassy Suites in Philadelphia, Tour of Metropolitan Museum of Art and related events with Professor Walter B. Denny, Tour Philadelphia Museum of Art with Professor Walter B. Denny and Collectors Exhibition and Reception.


  • The International Hajji Baba Society is mounting an un-themed exhibition of rugs and textiles belonging to its members, some of whom have world-class collections.
  • The second exhibition will be of approximately 21 diverse “cushions” from Scandinavia to Central Asia. Included will be Turkish yastiks, Belouch balishts and Swedish carriage or seat cushions. All will be from the 18th or 19th Centuries.
  • The third exhibition will be of highly collectible niche rugs and textiles from Turkey, Persia and Central Asia.

The Carpet Fair at the Hotel Hilton Inn

The exhibitors at the Carpet Fair include Seref Ozen, John Collins, Bertram Frauenknecht, James Cohen, Amin Motamedi, Mark Berkovich, Fred Hazin, Adnan Aydin, Mete Mutlu, Rodney McDonald, Ali Aydin, AnatolianPicker, Murathan Ozgen, Douglas Stock, Mohammad Zavvar, Rodolfo Kachanian and Hali Magazine.

More information and registration: ICOC 2015

The reception and exhibition at the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art at ICOC Istanbul 2007 was the highlight for most ICOC participants.

Articles about former conferences: ICOC Stockholm 2011, ICOC Istanbul 2007


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