Impressions from the ongoing Sartirana Textile Show

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Sartirana Textile Show will run through Sunday 18 September. This years show includes some forty dealers and the level of exhibited antique rugs and textiles are – as usual – high. Besides the fair the show also includes special exhibitions and lectures, the socalled Tea Time Talks.

Alberto Boralevi presents art historian Sumiyo Okumura from the Turkish Cultural Foundation before her Tea Time Talk “Endless Knot”.
Ningxia rug exhibited by Farmand Gallery.
A large impressing 19th century Uzbek Karakalpak carpet exhibited by Mohammad Tehrani.
Shasevan exhibited by Carlo Kocman, Rome.
Ulrike Montigel in the stand of Galerie Arabesque, Stuttgart.
The stand of Metin & Husein Konucku, Istanbul.
Tina Tabone in her stand.
A 16th or 17th century Kaitag exhibited by Alberto Levi.
Sarah Haberkern in her stand.
An excellent Senneh carpet seen in the stand of Parvizyar, Milan.
Igor Honkanen in his stand.
A Qashqai exhibited by James Cohen.
An Yomud exhibited by Kamoo Gallery, Tehran.
Alberto Boralevi in his stand. In the background a very large Moroccan carpet.
Mohsen Chavohsbaran in his stand.
On the wall an Anatolian Kurdish rug (Sivas) and on the chair a very special Balouch. Exhibitor Anatolian Picker, Istanbul.
Beshir with Herati design exhibited by Serkan Sari.
The stand of Themesa, Ascoli Piceno.
Rupert Smith in his stand.
Impressions from the stand of Anatolia Art, Parma.

So – get into your car or take a flight and head for Sartirana Lomellina, Italy. There is still a couple of days left. And stay tuned for more articles about the ongoing show in Jozan Magazine.

Show hours: Friday 16 September 15.00 – 20.00, Saturday 17 September 10.00 – 23.00 and Sunday 18 September 10.00 – 20.00.

Location and more information: Sartirana Textile Show 14-18 September 2011 at Sartirana Castle, Sartirana Lomellina, Italy.

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