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Timor: Totems and Tokens

From 12 December 2019 till 15 March 2020 Museu do Oriente in Lisbon, Portugal, will exhibit a group of ikat textiles from West and East Timor under the title “Timor: Totems and Tokens”.

65 examples of ikat textiles from across the island will be showcased and the majority come from Peter ten Hoopen’s ‘Pusaka Collection’, a smaller number from the Fundação Oriente and the Georges Breguet collection. Most of the textiles are early 20th century pieces, a few are older, which also allows the viewer a glance into a period when ikat textiles were made for local and ceremonial use.

Ikat textile

There will be circa twenty examples from Timor-Leste, a former colony with which Portugal still maintains close ties. The long period of political unrest in East Timor during World War II and again after the departure of the Portuguese in 1974 caused the majority of its textile heritage to be destroyed, so that the chance to see a substantial group of older specimens represents a rare opportunity.


The exhibition will live on in the 176 page catalogue “Timor: Totems and Tokens”, edited by Peter ten Hoopen with contributions by Jill Forshee, Pierre Dugard, Georges Breguet and Linda S. McIntosh.

More information: Press release

Location: Museu do Oriente, Av. Brasília, 1350-352 Lisboa, Portugal


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