ICOC Symposium in Prague postponed

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17th century Ladik prayer rug from a former exhibition at The Museum of Applied Arts in Budapest.

The proposed ICOC Symposium May-June 2013 in Prague has been postponed. Though the Local ICOC Committee had a promising contact with Prague Castle it has not been possible to sign a contract.

“The Local Committee managed to finalize all the respective tasks until mid October and set a deadline for the necessary contracts to be signed by end October. Sadly enough we had to realize that next years general election in the Czech Republic seems to freeze every binding decisions to be made on budgets and contracts by the official bodies. As we presently have no signed agreement it would be irresponsible to carry on with the preparation of the exhibition and symposium at this stage” said Peter Bichler to Jozan Magazine.

“Nevertheless, the two years of hard work of Sabina Dworakova, Dagmar Pospisilova and Zdenka Klimtova in creating a marvelous concept for the Prague Symposium should not be in vain and that we should postpone our plan until the ‘time is right’. Presently it is impossible to say when – it could be autumn 2013 or probably even connected with the ICOC Tour Vienna–Budapest in September 2014 – somehow an attractive constellation that would bring all three mayor cities of the former Austro-Hungarian Monarchy together again” said Peter Bichler.

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