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Alberto Boralevi will speak about Table Carpets
Alberto Boralevi will speak about Table Carpets

ICOC Stockholm 16-19 June 2011 includes an extensive and exciting academic program. Some forty speakers are selected by the ICOC Academic Committee and will present their lectures in two parallel sessions during the conference. Alberto Boralevi, Chair of ICOC Academic Committee, will hold the opening lecture ” Table Carpets; a Bridge between East and West; a Link between Carpets and Textiles” during the opening ceremony 16 June.

The speakers come from all ower the world and of course the host country Sweden, is well represented. The speakers and lectures 17-18 June include:

Central Asia sessions I & II

Christine Martens: Quilts and Patchwork of Central Asia

Clive Rogers: Broadcloth Trade to Asia

Elena Tsareva: Carpets of Arabs of Central Asia

Irina Bogoslovskaya: Nomadic Cloth Bags from Central Asia (19th-20th Centuries)

Elmira Gyul: Samarkand Suzani Embroidery: Notes on Ornamental Decore Genesis and Semantics

Jeffrey B. Spurr: Style and Identity, People or Place: the Case for Lakai Suzanis

Carpets in Paintings session

Sarah Haberkern will speak about Carpets in Paintings of the Followers of Caravaggio

Ali Riza Tuna: Back to the Future; A Reconstruction Study of Anatolian Carpets from Renaissance Paintings

Csenge Rozsa-Jäger: The History of the Oriental Carpets in the Works of William Larkin

Sarah Haberkern: Carpets in Paintings of the Followers of Caravaggio

Scandinavia sessions I & II

Wendel Swan will speak about Swedish folk weavings and their Middle Eastern counterparts

Margareta Nockert: The Soumak Technique in Scandinavia from the 5th Century to the End of the 13th Century

Marina Zasetckaia: Ryiji Carpets of Finland in the Collections of the Russian Ethnographic Museum

Desiree Koslin: Duodji on the Warp-weighted Loom: Ratnu Flatweaves of the Sami People

Gunnar Nilsson: A presentation and some comparisons of Scania textiles made in the tecniques of dove-tail tapestry and interlocked tapestry

Wendel Swan: Swedish Folk Weavings; Similarities to and Differences from Their Middle Eastern Counterparts

Silk Road session

Helen Persson: Pile Carpets and Flat-weaves From the Silk Road

Haakan Wahlquist: The Archaeological/Ethnographic Collections of Sven Hedin’s and their Textile Contents


Nairy Vrouyr will speak about Folk Kilims From Romania

Sasha Lozanova: The Traditional Bulgarian Rugs and The Orient (18th – 19th Century)

Nairy Vrouyr: Scoartze; Folk Kilims From Romania

Miscellaneous I & II

Koos De Jong: Chinese Saddle Rugs

Roya Tagheiyeva: Concentric Symbolism in Islam and Azerbaijani Medallion Carpets

Hülya Tezcan: Blue & White Flatwoven Floor Coverings From Fustat

Sumru Krody: Legacy of Holbein Gul on Embroidered Textiles

Anette Granlund will speak about the carpet collection in the Hallwyl Museum

Collectors and collections

Ulla-Karin Warberg: Fredrik Robert Martin (1868-1933), Art historian, Orientalist, Collector, Diplomat

Anette Granlund: The Carpet Collection in the Hallwyl Museum and its History

Tatiana Lekhovich: Collecting of Tapestries in Russia in 17-20 cent. – Some National Features

Sidney Goldstein: James Franklin Ballard. Some Thoughts on One of the Most Important Early Twentieth Century Oriental Carpet Collectors

Michael Buddeberg: The Collection of a Gentleman – A Homage to Martin Volkmann

Andrea Klobucar: Oriental Carpets and Kilims in the Zagreb Interiors between 1880 and 1940


Suzan Bayraktaroglu: Two Ottoman Carpets in Vakiflar Administration of Cyprus

Stefano Ionescu (right) will speak about The Lotto Rugs from Bistritza

Adrian Stefan Ionescu: The Lotto Rugs from Bistritza, a Gem of the Transylvanian Textile Heritage

Vedat Karadaq: New, Technically Sophisticated, and Deceptive Reproductions of Early Anatolian Weavings

Persia I & II

Jessica Hallett: Three ‘Salting’ Carpets Discovered in the Palace of the Dukes of Braganza, Portugal

Hadi Maktabi: Royal Qajar Carpets

Peter Willborg: The Bakhtiari Province Including the Feridan District – a Re Evaluation of it´s Carpet and Textile Production

Afsaneh Ghani: The Designs of Tribal Bakhtiari Kilims

Raoul Tschebull will speak about Mughal Textiles and their design influences on Caucasian village rugs

India I & II

Steven Cohen: Prayer Rugs and Safs of the Indian Deccan

Rosemary Crill: Imported Textiles at the Mughal Court

Raoul Tschebull: An Examination of Mughal Textiles, Warp-Faced Weavings and Mosaic Felts as Design Influences on 19th Century Caucasian Pile-Woven Village Rugs

Roger Leong: A Hidden Treasure? The National Gallery of Victoria’s Trinitarias Carpet

Frank Ames: The Boteh’s Rise to Knotted Power

Location and more information: The International Conference on Oriental Carpets 16-19 June 2011 in Stockholm, Sweden

Find books by Clive Rogers, Elena Tsareva, Koos De Jong, Hulya Tezcan, Sumru Belger Krody, Stefano Ionescu, Hadi Maktabi, Peter Willborg, Steven Cohen, Rosemary Crill, Raoul Tschebull, Frank Ames, Alberto Boralevi, Desiree Koslin, Jeffrey B Spurr, Jessica Hallett, Csenge Rozsa-Jager, Nairy Vrouyr, Michael Buddeberg, Irina Bogoslovskaya, Christine Martens, Suzan Bayraktaroglu, Ali Riza Tuna, Anette Granlund,

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