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17 June 2011 in the evening the ICOC Stockholm delegates visited the Museum of Ethnography and The National Historical Museum.

Special exhibition at the Museum of Ethnography. Rugs brought home from the Orient by Swedish travellers.

As a special gesture for the ICOC delegates the Museum of Ethnography exhibited objects brought home from the orient by Sven Hedin, a well known Swedish traveller. Other interesting items were also taken out from the storage for this occasion.

Alberto Boralevi, Roya Tagheiyeva and Stefano Ionescu enjoy the visit at the Museum of Ethnography.
Another hightlight of this evening was the visit at The National Historical Museum. This museum is the home of the Marby rug and a visit to the museum’s permanent Textile Chamber is also a must.
Sumakh from the 13th century. The National Historical Museum.
Ancient textiles. The National Historical Museum.
The Marby rug
The well known “Fustat” fragments were also on display especially organized for the ICOC delegates. They are usually stored at the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm and at the Röhsska Museum in Gothenburg.
Ancient fragment from the “Fustat” collection.
Dr. Elmira Gyul (right) inspecting the special exhibition of “Fustat” fragments.

Find antique rugs in Vendors gallery

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