ICOC museum visits 17-19 June

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The Marby rug.
The Marby rug.

For ICOC delegates there will be museum visits Friday and Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon.

The visits include The Museum of Etnography and The National Historical Museum 17 June  and The Royal Armoury 18 June. On Sunday 19 June The Hallwyl Museum will be open for delegates 2pm-4pm.

In The Museum of Etnography the delegates will find objects that Swedish scholars and explorers have brought home from different areas of the world.

The National Historical Museum is home of the famous Marby rug and the delegates will visit the exciting “Textile Chamber”.

Panorama view The Textile Chamber at The National Historical Museum. Photo courtesy Christer Åhlin/The Museum of National Antiquities.
The Skog Church Tapestry is a 12th Century tapestry, from the Skog Church in Hälsingland, Sweden. Photo courtesy Gabriel Hildebrandt/The Museum of National Antiquities

The Royal Armoury is located in the Royal Palace. The Royal Hunting carpet from the 16th century Persia will be shown only this evening for the ICOC delegates. It is made of silk, gold and silver threads.  Polonaise and Transylvanian rugs from Skokloster Castle will be on view as well as a Lotto rug and a Medallion Ushak.

The Hallwyl Museum, a Caucasian soumak bought in Paris in 1886. Photo courtesy Jan Andersen, Danish Rug Society.
The Hallwyl Museum, a Senneh kilim bought in Cairo in 1901. Photo courtesy Jan Andersen, Danish Rug Society.

The Hallwyl Museum includes classic paintings, carpets and tapestries, silver, armor, weapons, antique musical instruments and more collected between by the Countess Wilhelmina von Hallwyl.

The Hallwyl Museum, a “Tekke” couch. Photo courtesy Jan Andersen, Danish Rug Society.

More information: ICOC Stockholm 16-19 June 2011

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