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ICOC Kyrgyzstan
ICOC Kyrgyzstan

Bibira Akmoldoeva (Kyrgyzstan)
Horses in the Kyrgyz Culture and Tradition

Prof. Peter Alford Andrews (Germany)
Kyrgyz Tent and its Textile Furnishings

Mügül Andrews (Germany)
Kyrgyz Emroidery in Context

Dr. Mikhail Baskhanov & Michael Nelson
Carpets and Spies “Grate Game” in East Turkistan

Ludmila G. Beresneva (Russia)
Kyrgyz Carpets in the Moscow Museum of Oriental Art

Fabiana Borello (USA)
Kyrgyz Nomads in the Eyes of Early Phtographers

Stephanie Bunn (England)
Kyrgyz Felts Shyrdaks

Peter Gangler (Germany)
Kyrgyz Felts in German Museums

Karl Grantzl (Austria)
Pamir Kyrgyz in Afganistan and Turkey

Stela Sidikovna Gubeava (Russia)
The Field Work of B. Karmysheva Among Kyrgyz in Tajikistan

Georgi Sitansky (Russia)
Shamanism and Islam Amongst Kyrgyz Tribes

Dr. John Sommer (USA)
Biography of Professor Klaudia I. Antipina, Mother of Kyrgyz Ethnography

Seyfullah Turkkan (USA)
Kyrgyz Rugs and Tribes Connection

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