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ICOC Stockholm included three exhibitions of privately owned rugs and textiles. An exhibition of 10 Turkmen rugs and textiles of the Eagle Göl group I, II and III, an exhibition of 37 Oriental carpets from Swedish collections and an exhibition of 43 Scandinavian textiles. Especially the exhibition of Scandinavian textiles was highly interesting because these textiles are seldom seen.

Oriental Carpets from Swedish Collections

Gunnar Nilsson (AKREP – Gothenburg Rug Society ), Claes-Göran Swahn (Pazyryk) and Jan Andersen (Danish Rug Society) at the exhibition of Oriental Carpets in Swedish Collections.
Ushak Lotto rug first half 17th century
Beshir rug early 19th century.
Kazak Akstafa runner 1830-1850.
Ladik prayer rug 1770-1800.

Scandinavian Textiles

Bedcover tapestry weave, Scania dated 1780.
Carriage cushion dated 1787.
Bedcover dated 1794.
Bedcover Rölakan 1849.
Carriage cushion Scania dated 1817.
Tapestry weave cushion second half 18th century.

Turkmen Eagle Göl group

Turkmen Eagle Göl group II.

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