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ICOC Stockholm Dealers Fair included far more than antique pile rugs; antique textiles were also well represented.

Jozan Magazine has asked Dr. Elmira Gyul, Fine Arts Institute in Uzbekistan, for an expert view on the exhibited textiles at the fair.

“The fair at the ICOC conference is always a great event for all participants because any meeting with traditional textile art is really a great occasion for both scholars and dealers. Colorful magic patterns and classical design enrapture. Certainly, I was interested in Uzbek carpets and embroidery and found some magnificent samples which represent variety of local styles of our region” she said to Jozan Magazine.

Images by Elmira Gyul:

Lakai torba
Bukhara Suzani
Nurata Suzani
Nurata Suzani
Lakai torba
Samarkand embroidery fragment
“Artistic embroidery is one of the most popular and widespread types of applied arts of Uzbekistan. The amazing suzani of the Bukhara school and some Lakai embroideries are represented on this fair. Suzanis are distinguished by rich floral décor and canonic compositions. Such kind of samples are very important for modern artisans who will revive the traditions of this handicraft in Uzbekistan” said Dr. Elmira Gyul.

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