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The International Conference on Oriental Carpets 6-9 August 2015 in Washington DC includes a Carpet Fair with some 15 international antique rug dealers. The Carpet Fair will take place at Hotel Hilton Garden Inn, the conference hotel.

The exhibiting antique rug and textile dealers include Mark Berkovich, Mete Mutlu, Rodney McDonald, Mohammad Zavvar, Seref Ozen, John Collins, Bertram Frauenknecht, James Cohen, Amin Motamedi, Fred Hazin, Adnan Aydin, Ali Aydin, AnatolianPicker, Murathan Ozgen, Douglas Stock and Rodolfo Kachanian. Hali Magazine will also have a table and Joyce K. Cole will be manning the booth.

Carpet Fair opening hours:

  • Thursday 6 August: Evening
  • Friday 7 August: Afternoon and evening
  • Saturday 8 August: Afternoon and evening
  • Sunday 9 August: Morning and afternoon


18th century central anatolian rug, mounted, 120x180cm. Exhibitor Mark Berkovich
Detail of Yomud main carpet. Exhibitor Mete Mutlu
Detail of Sauj Bulagh rug. Exhibitor Mete Mutlu
Detail of Qashqai rug. Exhibitor Mete Mutlu
Detail of Central Anatolian Karapinar Yastik. Exhibitor Mete Mutlu
Detail of Cappadocia rug. Exhibitor Mete Mutlu
Detail of 4 x 9 gul Tekke main carpet. Exhibitor Mete Mutlu
Shirvan – 3-4 x 4-7 ft. Exhibitor Mohammad Zavvar
Senneh – West Persia, circa 1850, 4-9 x 5-8 ft. Exhibitor Mohammad Zavvar
Milas 5-1 x 3-9 ft. Mid 19th century, Milas prayer rug. Exhibitor Mohammad Zavvar
Bolivian Pre-Columbian, Peru, Central Highlands, Inca, Ca 1400 CE. Repeating anamorphic motif within cross-like and linear forms. 38.5 x 37.5 inches. Exhibitor Mohammad Zavvar
Detail 19th century Baktiari. Exhibitor Rodney McDonald
West Anatolian prayer rug. Exhibitor Mete Mutlu

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Fair location: Hotel Hilton Garden Inn, 2201 M Street NW, Washington, DC 20037

More information: ICOC Washington DC

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