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ICOC Academic Committee has just held a meeting 28-30 January 2011 in Stockholm.

The Committee was composed by Alberto Boralevi (Chair), Anette Granlund, Margareta Nockert, Elena Tsareva, Peter Bicler, Thomas Farnham and Daniel Shaffer.

“In order to improve the quality of the Conference we had decided to reduce the number of talks admitted to 40” said Alberto Boralevi to Jozan Magazine.

Before the meeting all sumitted abstracts had been carefully examined by all Committee members. The selection was very hard because 93 abstracts were submitted and the Committee was obliged to exclude 53 of them.

“Being in Sweden we wanted to have a session devoted to the amazingly beautiful and so little known traditional rugs and textiles produced in Scandinavia” said Alberto Boralevi.

The Committee at work. From the left: Elena Tsariova, Anette Granlund, Daniel Shaffer, Peter Bichler, Johanna Bylund (Conference Planner)
Alberto Boralevi exhamining Swedish textiles
Elena Tsariova, Anette Granlund and Daniel Shaffer admiring an early Norwegian tapestry
Margareta Nockert and Peter Bichler examining Swedish embroideries and textiles
A flatwoven pillow from Skandinavia, dated 1792 seen together with a Turkmen Middle Amu Darya rug, possibly of the same age and showing very similar colours

The Conference will officially open on Thursday 16 June at 5:00 PM with welcoming remarks by local authorities and ICOC organisers: Anette Granlund, chair of the Local ICOC Committee and Dennis Dodds, Secretary General of ICOC International.

An opening lecture by Alberto Boralevi will follow till 6:30, when two important exhibitions of rugs and textiles from private collections will open in the same venue. The first devoted to Turkmen main carpets of the so-called Eagle Gul Groups and the second to Oriental and Scandinavian weavings from Swedish private collections. At the same time the Dealer’s Fair will open with 50 international dealers exhibiting.

The Academic Program of the Conference will be held in two parallel sessions on Friday 17 June and Saturday 18 June from 9:30 AM till 4:45PM giving to delegates enough time for attending the receptions organised for the museum exhibitions held in town.

The 40 admitted papers have been grouped in 16 sessions and include the following topics:

Central Asia (6 talks)

Carpets in Paintings (3)

Scandinavia (5)

Silk Road (2)

Balcans (2)

Collections and collectors (6)

Turkey (3)

India (5)

Persia (4)

Miscellaneous (4)

On Sunday 19 June the International Standing Committe, composed of representatives of various countries, will meet at 9:00 AM to discuss the first results of the Conference and to vote for the venue of next ICOC.

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