Hali London 24-30 June 2019

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The Hali London 2019 from 24 June through 30 June 2019 is a celebration of the 200th edition and forty years of Hali Magazine. The impressive programme includes a fair, two days of lectures, a series of events and a HALI tour.

Fair - Hali London 24-30 June 2019Hali fair

The dealers fair will take place at Mall Galleries in London from 27 June through 30 June. The exhibitors include Aaron Nejad, Alberto Levi, Amin Motamedi, Andy Lloyd, Berdj Achdjian, Brian MacDonald, Clive Rogers, Gebhart Blazek, Ian Stewart Shaw, Joss Graham, Menzel Galerie, Milani, Owen Parry, Said Aziz, Sadegh Memarian and Serkan Sari.


The Hali Symposium at The Courtauld Institute of Art will take place 25-26 June 2019. The programme includes:

  • William Robinson: Pre-Safavid carpets from Iran and the surrounding regions: the pictorial evidence
  • Moya Carey: Safavid Dynastic Vision in the Ardabil Carpet: Shah Tahmasp’s Commission
  • Armen Tokatlian: Quoting Hafez: Persian Poetry Inscription in Safavid Carpets
  • Walter Denny: The Anhalt Carpet in the Metropolitan Museum of Art: Rethinking the Methodology of Authenticity
  • Michael Franses: Tapestry-Woven Silk Carpets from Iran, 1550-1650
  • Lectures - Hali London 24-30 June 2019Rudi Matthee: Shah `Abbas I and his ‘Silk’ Policy
  • Anna Beselin: Wool, Silk and Metal: The Techniques in Making Safavid Carpets
  • Jessica Hallett: Birds, Blossoms and Beasts: Iranian carpets and Portuguese
  • Dorota Chudzicka: Iranian Carpets in Historic Polish Collections
  • Turaj Zhuleh: The Carpet Donations to the Safavid Shrines
  • Ali Riza Tuna: New perspectives on Anatolian Kilims
  • Raoul Tschebull: The evolution of two 19th century Transcaucasian pile rug designs: it’s not what you think
  • Elena Tsareva: The collecting of SM Dudin
  • Ann French: The Cook and Newberry Collections of Greek Island Embroidery
  • Lee Talbot and Sumru Belger Krody: The Lloyd Cotsen Collection
  • Jon Thompson: Some Observations on Colour in Carpets
  • Irina Khosridze: The archives of the Ethnographic Museum, Tbilisi
  • Rosemary Crill: The Tapi collection of Indian textiles
  • Hadi Maktabi: The Lost Century: A History of Persian Carpets 1722–1872

Events during Hali London

  • Events - Hali London 24-30 June 2019The Art and Antiques Fair Olympia 19-28 June 2019
  • V&A Archives Blythe House Clothworkers Centre twice daily 24 June and 27 June
  • The Sarikhani Collection 24 June 2019
  • Girdlers’ Hall – Private view of the fine ‘Bell Carpet’ at Girdlers’ Hall 24 June
  • Masterpiece London Art Fair 27 June – 3 Juli
  • Film screening, ‘Grass’ (1925) 27 June
  • HALI Fair Preview 27 June
  • Talk by Jenny Balfour Paul 28 June
  • Special Guests: Show and Tell 28 June
  • Karun Collection 29 June
  • Masterclass: Historic carpet and textile structures 29 June
  • HALI Social Media 29 June

Tour - Hali London 24-30 June 2019Hali Tour, Great British Collections 30 June-7 July 2019

Jacqueline Coulter, expert on carpets and Islamic art at Sothebys, will lead the tour. The tour begins in Manchester, moving south via Hardwick Hall in Derbyshire and Boughton House in Northamptonshire, and continuing to Cambridge, Oxford and the Cotswolds.

More information:  Hali London

Find books by Moya Carey, Walter B Denny, Michael Franses, Raoul Tschebull, Elena Tsareva, Jon Thompson, Rosemary Crill, Jessica Hallett, Ali Riza Tuna, Anna Beselin, Turaj Zhuleh,

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