Hali Fair preview II

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The Hali Fair is a part of the Hali London celebration of 40 years and 200 editions of HALI Magazine. The exhibitors of the Hali Fair include twenty international antique rug and textile dealers.

The preview opening for Hali London ticket holders only is Thursday 27 June at 15.00 and the public will have accress from 17.00 through 21.00.  Opening hours 28-29 June are 11.00-18.00 and opnening hours 30 June are 11.00-15.00.

Hali Fair preview II

Wagireh 19th century. Exhibitor Said Aziz
Yarkand Eastern Turkestan rug with two niches circa 1800. Size 160 x 100 cm. Exhibitor Alberto Levi
Qashqai Kashkuli tribes, Southwest Persian, with silk Ikat design. Age circa 1860-1870. Size 7’5 x 3’10. Exhibitor David Sorgato
Fine silk Heriz rug with scrolling palmettes and inscribed cartouches. Northwest Persia circa 1860. Size 341 x 277 cm. Exhibitor Alberto Levi
Woman’s bridal head and shoulder cover, mouchtiya. Central Tunisia, Basses Steppes, Zlass tribe. Wool and cotton brocade, early 20th century. Exhibitor Menzel Galerie Nordafrika
Woman’s bridal head and shoulder cover, bakhnoug. Libya, Jebel Nefousa. Wool and cotton brocade, tie-dye, indigo. First half 20th century. Menzel Galerie Nordafrika
Early Kazak detail. Exhibitor Said Aziz
Anatolian rug Ladik Double Column – mid 18th century. Exhibitor Lombardo & Partners
Anatolian rug Karapinar. Mid 19th century. Exhibitor Lombardo & Partners
19th century Afshar Varamin salt-bag, north western Persia. Exhibitor Brian McDonald
Afshar Rug, Kerman Province, South Persia, Last Quarter 19th Century. Exhibitor Brian McDonald
Woven wool prayer kilim from Cappadocia, Central Anatolia c.1830. Mounted on a fabric covered stretcher 156 x 109 cm. Exhibitor Joss Graham
Turkmen carpet fragment. 19th century 146 x 71 cm. Exhibitor Joss Graham
Three of Life Persian Ghom Silk & Wool rug from 1930-50. Exhibitor David Sorgato
Caucasian Shadda, 19th Century. Exhibitor Brian McDonald

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