Hali Fair Online 23-27 June 2021

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HALI Fair Online 23-27 June 2021 is a virtual event focused on antique rugs and textiles with a fair, exhibitions and events including lectures, interviews and presentations. HALI Fair Online and the associated exhibitions and events are free to attend and registration is open via www.hali-fair.com. The HALI Fair Online preview on 23 June 2021 is open exclusively to HALI magazine subscribers.


Thirty specialist exhibitors will showcase their antique rugs, textiles and tribal art and will be available to meet virtually and chat live during the five-day HALI Fair Online. Costume and textiles from Africa, South America, Indonesia, Europe and Asia will be offered by Francesca Galloway, Andres Moraga, Joss Graham, Sarajo, Thomas Murray, Marilyn Garrow, Donald Harper, Rudolf Smend, Markus Voigt, Seref Ozen, Menzel Galerie Nordafrika and Michael Woerner Oriental Art. Moroccan rugs will be available from Gebhart Blazek and Nomadno. Knotted carpets, kilims and other related artifacts from Persia, Anatolia, the Caucasus and beyond will be showcased by Alberto Levi, Alberto Boralevi, Andy Lloyd, Brian MacDonald, David Sorgato, Gallery Aydin, Hadi Maktabi, James Cohen, John Ruddy, Lombardo & Partners, Mark Berkovich, Max Lerch, Mirco Cattai, Mohammad Tehrani, Farzin Mollaian, Nomadenschätze, Sadegh Memarian and Serkan Sari.

Zeikhur rug
Mirco Cattai. Zeikhur rug, Caucasus late 19th century
Memerian. Yomut Asmalyk, Turkmenistan late 19th century.
Memerian. Yomut Asmalyk, Turkmenistan late 19th century.
Dragon Carpet, Caucasus
Max Lerch. Dragon Carpet, Caucasus late 17th century.
Baluch Chakhansur main carpet
Hadi Maktabi. Baluch Chakhansur main carpet. Iran mid 19th century.
Qashqa'i Lion rug
Alberto Levi. Qashqa’i Lion rug Southern Persia circa 1930


A concise series of lectures, conversations, interviews and exclusive presentations of rugs and textiles in private collections, broadcast daily.

24 June: Tim Stanley, senior curator for the Middle Eastern collections at London’s V&A, presents a lecture on the royal custom of awarding robes of honour to members of the court or to distinguished

25 June: Discover rare and strikingly graphic flatweave rugs woven in the mountainous Georgian region of Tusheti from the archives of the Ethnographic Museum in Tblisi, displayed alongside examples from three private collections in an exclusive gallery exhibition with commentary 25 June from Dr Irina Koshridze, Chief Curator of the Oriental Collections at the Georgian National Museum.

Tushetian kilims
Tushetian kilims – flatweaves from the mountains of Georgia

26 June: The act of acquiring a traditional curtain to furnish his family home marked the start of an obsession for Rabat-based Khalid El Kholti, whose collection of Moroccan embroideries has grown to include examples from urban centres across the country.


Online thematic exhibitions of costume and carpets from eminent collections, open to HALI Fair Online registrants.

Nomadic Art: Weaving from Persia, Transcaucasia & Turkmenistan
From the Rothberg Collection are saddlebags from Persia and the Caucasus. From the Kingston Collection comes a variety of striking Turkmen tribal weavings. The exhibits represent a fraction of these two remarkable collections, both of which are the subject of books from Hali Publications Ltd. Central Asian Textiles: Turkmen Carpets, The Neville Kingston Collection by Elena Tsareva and the forthcoming title Nomadic Visions: Tribal Weavings from Persia and the Caucasus by Michael Rothberg.

Nomadic art
Nomadic Art: Weaving from Persia, Transcaucasia & Turkmenistan

Embroidered Gardens of Punjab: Baghs and Phulkaris from the Karun Thakar Collection
Baghs (‘gardens’) and phulkaris (‘flower-work’) are embroidered cotton head coverings that were made in undivided Punjab, prior to the partition of India in 1947. The exhibition Baghs – Abstract Gardens: Punjab Embroidered Shawls from the Karun Thakar Collection will run from July-September 2021 at the Brunei Gallery, SOAS University of London. A selection of the pieces are shown in this virtual exhibition at HALI Fair Online.

More information and registration: Hali Fair Online

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