Hagop Manoyan

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Hagop Manoyan, an active and respected antique rug dealer from Manhattan, has just launched a monthly newsletter. “My letter will deal primarily with the ins-and-outs of the antique rug market. But I may also share with you stories from my travels, new rugs added to our collection, and information about upcoming trade shows and auctions” he says to Jozan Magazine.

“Rug market is improving and I’am very optimistic about it. Top quality rugs have always been in demand and they hold their value” he continues.

Hagop is a frequent exhibitor at international trade shows like San Francisco Arts of Pacific Asia Show and Tribal Arts & Textile Show. Hagop was also one of the exhibitors at the first Antique Rug & Textile Show last October in San Francisco.

In 1980, where Hagop was 16 years old he began to work as carpet restorer in his native city, Istanbul. He moved to London in 1989 and later in 1994 to New York.

Website: Hagopmanoyan.com

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