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Press release from Iran Carpet Co.
1 February 2006 

5700 square-meter carpet to the Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Iran Carpet Co. has in January 2006 started the production of a 5700-square-meter 80-billion-rial carpet for Sheikh Zayed al Nahyan Mosque in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

i1 300x114 - Giant carpetAddressing the press, Seyed Jalal al-Din Basam, Managing Director of the company, says that the carpet will be spread over a section of the mosque. However, after the carpet is spread, the mosque authorities may order more pieces to cover other parts of the mosque.

Speaking about the design of the carpet, Basam informed that it would be unique and would feature five big medallions describing traditional Iranian flower themes.

With green background, the carpet will have a variety of twenty five naturally dyed yarns. More than 30 tons of wool and 15 tons of cotton will be used to make this carpet in the size -135×46 meters.

More than 1000 skilled weavers would put efforts at a Khorasan workshop. The carpet is expected to be completed in two years, he added.

Mr Yazdi, Iran Carpet Co. 1 February 2006

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