Galerie Koller, incl. carpets, 24 June 2004

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Galerie Koller holds auction with rugs, carpets and textiles in Zürich 24 June 2004. There are 95 rugs, carpets or textiles on sale at this auction.
Selection from the preview.
All images ©Galerie Koller

LOT: 1410
RUG NAME: Bachtiari
ESTIMATE: 1.250 – 1.740 Euro
SOLD: 2.000 CHF
DESCRIPTION: Honeycomb-like central field with floral cartouches and tree of life, slight wear. 203 x 140 cm.

LOT: 1430
RUG NAME: Isfahan
AGE: Old
ESTIMATE: 5.560 – 8.330 Euro
SOLD: 10.000 CHF
DESCRIPTION: ISFAHAN old. Beige ground with red central medallion, decorated throughout with flowering tendrils and palmettes. Good condition. 420 x 320 cm.

LOT: 1441
AGE: Antique
ESTIMATE: 1.390 – 2.080 Euro
SOLD: 2.300 CHF
DESCRIPTION: Square medallion in white on old-rose ground, geometric patterning throughout. With wear. 246 x 162 cm.

LOT: 1469
RUG NAME: Sarouk Feraghan
AGE: Antique
ESTIMATE: 12.500 – 17.360 Euro
SOLD: 16.000 CHF
DESCRIPTION: With red and white medallion on blue ground, decorated throughout with geometric floral motifs. With wear but in good condition. 420 x 323 cm.


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