Gajil Market in Tabriz, Iran

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Editors note: Report from Tabriz by Daniel Bikas, an Iranian artist based in Tabriz with primary focus on wall rugs.

When it comes to hand-knotted rugs along with design and material, world of colors come into play and dictate their importance as an essential component of rug. Having a greater number of colors gives more power to designer and finally the outcome will be exquisite rug. Usually I walk through Gajil Market in Tabriz to explore the endless colorized yarns of silk and merino. It is an important task for a designer to bring them in his designs and also more options to clients.

Gajil is an old market in central of Tabriz, a part of this market specialized in selling second-hand yarns either silk or wool. Rug producers sell their extra yarns which they don’t need them anymore to this market. This place is a reference spot for looking for a specific color which a producer has come shortage of it and need a small amount to fulfill his task.

Gajil Market
Shop Gajil Market

All the shops in Gajil Market are family businesses, they collect the yarns and after sorting out put them for sale. All the yarns are natural, mostly chemically dyed and some naturally. When it comes to quality, they categorize them in different groups for different prices.

Shop Gajil Market
Shop Gajil Market

People usually bring a small amount of yarn from a specific color and match it with the yarns until they find the exact or nearly the same color. The buyers are mostly from Tabriz but there are others from nearby towns.

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