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Daniel Bikas is an Iranian artist based in Tabriz with primary focus on wall rugs. Jozan Magazine has asked Daniel to tell more about his work.

“A family portrait tells a long story and brings memoirs to mind by looking at it and is a heritage that can be passed down to coming generations in family line. Now imagine instead of a paper photo, you have a fine hand-knotted rug of your family portrait on the wall. Durable and eye-catching.” says Daniel Bikas to Jozan Magazine.

Daniel Bikas showcasing the Bikas family wall rug

When I ask about the creation process he continues “This kind of portrait wall rugs need restrict preparations and constant controlling of the weaving process. A good quality photo is essential and you need to reduce the number of colors to around 150 and meanwhile preserving the details of the photo which is challenging. You also need to maintain the smooth gradients of colors for a natural look and avoiding cartoonish outcomes. The next step is dyeing and we do dyeing manually in pots. The proximity of shades in a color requires close attention in dying in terms of time and quantity of dye used in the pot. The density for our rugs are 625 knots per square inch which is considered very fine in this field. For portraits we are using Australian Merino for pile and natural silk for warp and wefts.”

Find more of Daniel Bikas art works at Instagram: @artisticrugs

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