Exhibition of Iranian rugs in The Okayama Orient Museum April-May 2005

April 19th 2004 Khosrow Sobhe reports:

Following the exhibition of Iranian rugs in Shoto Museum of Art in Tokyo, and in response to the interest shown by the Japanese people, the Okayama Orient Museum is going to hold a government-sponsored exhibition named as, “The Splendor of Persian Carpet” presenting antique rugs of Miri private collection and recent examples of Miri Creations, in the City of Okayama in Japan, starting April 16th-May 29th, 2005.

The reason for this exhibition to be held in The Okayama Orient Museum is that 60% of the ancient pieces of art in this museum, relating as far back as 5500 years ago, are attributed to the country of Iran.

A lecture “Persian Rugs, before and now” has been held by Ali Soleymanieh April 16th. A lecture “Visiting Iran & Miri Establishment” will be held by Akhihito Iijima, Curator of The Okayama Orient Museum, April 30th.

Find antique rugs in Vendors gallery

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